US Navy Birthday Ball – New Hampshire

A community partnership with the US Navy League, Portsmouth Council
Swimming With a Mission, Inc. Fiscal Agent

About the Event

As one of the original 13 states with a rich seafaring history, New Hampshire is the only state to display a US war vessel on its flag and serves as the titular home of one of the nation’s oldest and most storied naval shipyards. This year a volunteer group of New Hampshire community leaders has come together to produce an event that will celebrate the United States Navy’s 247th Birthday. The US Navy Birthday Ball – New Hampshire will serve as an event that celebrates the history and traditions of the US Navy, the positive impact of the US Navy and US Navy service members in New Hampshire, the role of New Hampshire and New Hampshirites in the development and continued success of the US Navy.  Any funds raised from this year’s Navy Ball in excess of costs will go to Swim With A Mission (SWAM) to be distributed to support programs specifically designed for Navy veterans and families in need within the region.

About the Ball

Event Details
When: Thursday, October 13, 2022, 1730 (5:30PM) – 2100 (9PM)
Where: Wentworth by the Sea Hotel, New Castle, New Hampshire
Attire: Mess Dress (Blue) / Black Tie Optional

Start Times
Wardroom Reception (Senior Officers welcome): 5:30 PM
Community Reception: 6:00 PM

Ticket Prices
Wardroom Reception: $250
Community Member: $150
Reserve / Active Duty Officer: $125
Reserve / Active Duty Enlisted: $50



In keeping with the spirit of the event, the US Navy League, Portsmouth Council, with support from the event organizing committee will present two awards at the US Navy Birthday Ball – New Hampshire.

The Captain John Paul Jones Award for Leadership in Military or Civic Affairs
2022 Honoree

United States Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Captain John Paul Jones is a celebrated naval hero of the American Revolution and widely considered to be “the father” of the United States Navy. Captain Jones has a special relationship with New Hampshire, having spent extended periods in Portsmouth in 1777 and again in 1781-82 and captained the USS Ranger, which was built at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in 1777. the captain’s remains were finally re-interred in a bronze and marble sarcophagus at the Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis.

This honor is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated exceptionally meritorious service to the United States, United States Military, New Hampshire or New Hampshire National Guard while serving in position of great responsibility.


The James Hackett Award for Leadership in Industry
Sponsored by the New Hampshire Business Review
2022 Honoree

Mr. Kenneth Solinsky

Mr. James Hackett, a Revolutionary War hero and long-time New Hampshire citizen, was a leading shipbuilder of his day. Mr. Hackett served New Hampshire’s the famed John Stark as part of Roger’s Rangers prior to the Revolution and took up arms on behalf of the colonies from 1774 to 1776. In 1776, Mr. Hackett turned his efforts toward industry and was responsible for the construction of several significant Revolutionary War-era warships including the USS Raleigh, which appears on the New Hampshire state flag, the USS Ranger, which was Captained John Paul Jones, the USS America, the USS Congress and the USS Portsmouth.

This honor is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated exceptionally meritorious leadership in industry while serving in a duty or position of great responsibility.



Organizing Committee

RDML Mark Haigis, USN (Londonderry)
CAPT Kenyon Kellogg, USN (Beverly, MA)
CDR Patrick Leslie, USN (Manchester)
LCDR Jay Truesdale, USN (Loudon)
LT Marc Sorel, USN (New Castle)
LTJG Gray Chynoweth, USN (Manchester) (Committee Chair)
Kevin Galeaz, President, US Navy League, Portsmouth Council (USN, Cold War Submariner) (Hooksett)
Phil Taub, Swim with a Mission (Bedford)
Bruce Thompson, Chair, NH ESGR (USN, Retired) (Hooksett)
Tara Chynoweth (Manchester)

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