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MANCHESTER, NH – They may own an NFL record, but each one of the Patriots six Super Bowl titles have a special spot in the hearts of New England fans. But for Lou Imbriano, he’s hoping to create a new memory with one of them.

The former New England Patriots VP and Chief Marketing Officer is auctioning off his official Super Bowl XXXVIII ring that he earned with the Pats for the 2003 season. The Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers 32-29 in that game.

“Everybody remembers, if you’re a New England Patriots fan, where you were when they won the first Super Bowl, when they won the second Super Bowl, and when they won their third Super Bowl,” said Imbriano. “I don’t put the second ring on, hardly ever, maybe we should do something with that ring, and it just dawned on me.”

The proceeds from each raffle ticket purchased will be going to Swim With a Mission. An organization for veterans. The origin of their name comes from their first event, which was a swimming event.

“Every dollar will go help buy service dogs, pay for our therapy programs, recreational retreats,” said Phil Taub, who is the co-founder of SWAM. “All the kind of things that are going to help reduce suicide amongst our veterans amongst our veterans.”

“My grandfather always used to say to me, ‘you’re not really generous unless it hurts a little,'” said Imbriano. “So, what you want to do is give until it hurts a little. We felt like this was a little extra than just giving some money or some time.”

To enter the auction all you need to do is visit But don’t hesitate because they’re only selling 1,000 tickets or until the end of the Super Bowl. With the price of each ticket selling for $100.

“Now when you can have folks who have never been involved or have touched the organization to be able to give $100 to charity,” said Imbriano. “I think we’ve widened the net of people who now know about the organization and how important it is to donate to the veterans.”

“If we could hold fun, exciting, and unique events we could inspire people to do something,” said Taub. “Lou and (his wife Patricia) are a great example of inspiring somebody in the community to help.”

As far as where Imbriano’s two other Super Bowl rings will go? He plans on handing them down to his son Antonio and daughter Victoria.

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