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MANCHESTER, N.H. — Jan 23, 2023
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2023 Goals:

Swim With a Mission (SWAM) has the following key goals:

Raise money and donate strategically to worthy organizations that provide services and support to veterans. Money is raised through many different initiatives and events.
Address key issues affecting NH’s veterans including affordable housing, suicide/mental health, help veterans find services and creating a caregivers network.
Educate the public on issues facing veterans in the media, with our book about veterans, with our Never Forget campaign and publishing a community impact report.
Help make NH a destination for veterans.
Fundraising Events:

SWAM fundraisers throughout the year, but our main events are held July 13 – 15, in partnership with a group of Navy SEALs, including, a corporate paintball event with the Navy SEALs, a swim race across Newfound Lake and a Navy SEAL Gold Star family tribute dinner and auction. We have also published a book, “Portraits of Sacrifice and Bravery,” which highlights 55 veterans from NH, for sale on our website and at our events. We are also proud to have corporate and individual sponsorships. More information about the sponsorships, our featured events and other events throughout the year can be found on www.SWAM.org.

Giving Opportunities:

Over the last six years, we have successfully raised over $10 million and have been able to help tens of thousands of veterans both in NH and around the U.S. We did this through individual donors as well as corporate and individual sponsorhips. There are many opportunities for those that want to support our mission through sponsorships, donations or getting involved in one or more of our specific events. SWAM is the only organization that has a direct view of the entire local Veteran community and so is able to assess each year where the most acute needs are in the Veteran community and support them.

Volunteer Opportunities:

It takes a village to run our events and get the word out about SWAM. We also welcome volunteers to host events which benefit SWAM, help us get the word out, sell our Never Forget plaques and more. Whatever the capabilities, interests, schedule, talents, there is a volunteer opportunity for you.

Board Officers / Board Members
Philip Taub
Board Chair and
Nixon Peabody LLP

Kelly Ayotte
Former U.S. Senator

Andy Crews
Ned Management

Steve Talarico
Real Estate Developer

Mark Prestipino
The MFO Group

Joseph Graham
iHeart Media

Jeff Hiatt
Performance Business Solutions LLC

Angelo Mazzella
Thirty Capital

Rick Brenner
NH Fisher Cats

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